Cruiser & Kicker

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“Cruiser” & “Kicker” for Hip Dysplasia

“Cruiser” Hip Abduction Brace

Polypropylene hip abduction brace for treating children from infants to 3 years of age with hip dysplasia. Holds hips in the correct abduction position, but flexible enough to allow walking. Can be used full time or for night wear only. Commonly used as a follow-up to the “Kicker” pavlik harness treatment, as the child begins to walk.

Sizes Waist
Preemie 12″ – 14″
Ex-Small 14″ – 16″
Small 16″ – 18″
Medium 18″ – 20″
Large 20″ – 22″
Ex-Large 22″ – 24″

“Kicker” Pavlik Harness

Biomechanically correct strap position for maximum effectiveness in treating hip dysplasia. We specialize in very small sizes suitable for the “preemie” with hip dysplasia. Machine washable and dryable.

Soft material in dark blue or light pink with self gripping fasteners.

Preemie 4 – 6 lbs
Ex-Small 0 – 2 months
Small 0 – 3 months
Medium 3 – 6 months
Large 5 – 9 months

The Rhino Stomper

Posted on: September 29th, 2016 by weborati

The Rhino Stomper


We are happy to announce the Rhino Stomper!

The “Stomper” is a pediatric boot that is durable and easy to apply.
It has a unique rocker bottom design which simulates normal gait. The Stomper can be used for minor fractures, or
for more significant fractures in which a cast is initially used and then can be followed by the Stomper. It can
also be used for sprains, soft tissue injuries of the foot and other disorders requiring immobilization.

The Rhino Stomper is the newest addition to Rhino Pediatric Orthopedic Design, Inc.’s superbly designed orthopedic soft goods for children.

The Rhino Stomper will be available in two sizes as indicated below:

Small Large
Height of Liner 9.5″ 11″
Height of Upright 8″ 9.5″
Length of Foot Plate 6.5″ 7.5″
Width of Foot Plate 3″ 3.5″


Spine/Upper Extremity Soft Goods

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Spine & Upper Extremity Soft Goods

Cervical Collar

Comfortable, contoured, well fitting collar designed especially for children. Natural colored stockinette with self gripping fasteners.

Sizes Neck Size
Ex-Small 7″ – 13″
Small 9″ – 14″
Medium 11″ – 16″
Large 13″ – 18″

Clavicle Strap

For treatment of clavicle fractures. Four way strap made up of comfortable foam and stockinette. Very easy to apply with self-gripping fasteners. (Chest circumference measured at bottom of sternum.)

Sizes Chest Size
Ex-Small 16″ – 19″
Small 19″ – 24″
Medium 24″ – 30″
Large 30″ – 34″

Arm Sling

Attractive blue envelope sling with adjustable strap. This sling has self-gripping fasteners that make it very easy to apply. Sizes available to fit all children.

Sizes Length
Ex-Small 10″
Small 12″
Medium 15″
Large 17″

Wrist & Forearm Support

For use in sprains or non-displaced torus fractures. Also provides excellent support and protection as follow-up to cast treatment for forearm fractures. Allows gradual increase in function. Remove for bathing.

  • Loop/Lock closure
  • Specify right or left
  • Removable stays for easy washing
  • Sized by forearm length and circumference
Pediatric Sizes Adolescent Sizes
6.5″ 8.5″
7.5″ 10″
8.5″ 12″

Elbow Splint

The Rhino elbow splint is designed for elbow sprains and contusions.
We have a variety of sizes that will fit from toddler to teen.

Forearm Length Upper Arm Length
Ex-Small 8.5″ 7.5″
Small 9″ 8″
Medium 9.5″ 8.5″
Large 10″ 9″
Ex-Large 11″ 9.5″


Lower Extremity Soft Goods

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Lower Extremity Soft Goods

Knee Immobilizer

A mainstay of orthopedic practice. Now available in children’s
as well as adolescent sizes.

  • 3 piece design for correct circumference fit
  • Navy blue pile/foam for comfort
  • Loop/lock closure
  • Removable stays for easy washing
  • Available in 9 sizes


Leg Length
Infant Pediatric Adolescent
8″ 12″ 18″
10″ 14″ 20″
16″ 22″

Neoprene Knee Support

Designed for comfort and kids. Made with an extra pad at the knee for compressive support and protection. Comes in open or closed patella models

(Circumference is measured 3″ above mid patella).


Sizes Thigh Circumference
Ex-Small 8″ – 10″
Small 10″ – 12″
Medium 12″ – 14″
Large 14″ – 16″
Ex-Large 15″ – 17″

Cast Boot

Cast boots are made of durable canvas and have a ripple pattern rocker sole for safe comfortable walking for children of all ages.

Sizes (foot length)
5.5″ 9.25″
6.5″ 10.5″
7.25″ 11″

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