The Rhino Stomper

Posted on: September 29th, 2016 by weborati

The Rhino Stomper


We are happy to announce the Rhino Stomper!

The “Stomper” is a pediatric boot that is durable and easy to apply.
It has a unique rocker bottom design which simulates normal gait. The Stomper can be used for minor fractures, or
for more significant fractures in which a cast is initially used and then can be followed by the Stomper. It can
also be used for sprains, soft tissue injuries of the foot and other disorders requiring immobilization.

The Rhino Stomper is the newest addition to Rhino Pediatric Orthopedic Design, Inc.’s superbly designed orthopedic soft goods for children.

The Rhino Stomper will be available in two sizes as indicated below:

Small (Item #27326) Large (Item #27327)
Height of Liner 912 11″
Height of Upright 8″ 912
Length of Foot Plate 612 712
Width of Foot Plate 3″ 312


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